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Here you will find the various requirements for each Belt Level within our Taekwondo program.
The Colored Belt Levels are defined as “Gups” beginning with White – 11th Gup.

Click on the Belt Levels for Information required for each rank.
Students will be promoted to the next Gup Level when these requirements
are properly demonstrated during scheduled Testing events.

Class attendance and performance within each Level is a major factor in determining the approval for participating in Testing.

Also required is a practice calendar filled out completely showing that minimum minute requirements have been met per belt level. Anyone under 18 years old must have parent signature of approval before turning in during pretest.

White – Yellow High requires 80 minutes a week.
Green – Blue High requires 100 minutes a week.
Brown – Recommended Black requires 120 minutes a week.

Here is the Belt Tape System:
Tape System Image Here

Remember: “Give it 110%”

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