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Grand Master David Bruce established Bruce Taekwondo Academy in early 2005 after Grand Master Bruce was Vice-President and Lead Instructor for another Taekwondo organization in Marion, Iowa.

Bruce Taekwondo Academy’s goals are to provide professional martial arts instruction to our community. We pride ourselves for having a safe environment where students are part of our family oriented organization while learning. Bruce Taekwondo Academy is the most competitive and affordable Martial Arts program for individuals and families in Linn County, Iowa.

Bruce Taekwondo Academy offers:

  • The Highest Level of Intensity in Training
  • Opportunity to Train in Multiple Martial Arts Styles
  • The Widest Range of Training for Competition or for Personal Growth and Fitness.
  • The Highest Level of Professional and Motivated Instructors
  • No Student is Overlooked – ALL Students are Treated Fairly Regardless of Age or Belt Level.
  • We Operate Based on Living Out the Tenants of Taekwondo with the Highest of Integrity.

Free Program Trial:
We offer 2 Free trial classes for anyone interested in joining our programs. Participants under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian while attending the trial classes. All students must sign a liability release waiver in order to participate in our training programs.

All Programs: Tuition payment is due by the first calendar day of each month and will be assessed a late fee for payments received after the 7th calendar day unless it was discussed prior with the Business Manager or Master Bruce.

A $20 fee will be assessed for any returned checks – After second occurrence, participant must pay in cash only for tuition and/or proshop items.

Checks can be made payable to: Bruce Taekwondo Academy. Monthly billing to a debit or credit card can be accommodated, and is preferred.

School Monthly Class Tuition:
Taekwondo $75 per month per student
Family (3 or more) $175
Discounts are provided for pre-pay of 3, 6 or 12 months. See an office representative for rates.
Kung Fu Call for Fees
Women’s Self Defense Call for Fees

Class Schedules:

Adult Noon Class – ages 15 and up, all belts – Tuesday and Thursday 12:00 – 1:00pm
Beginner Class – White to Yellow High Belt – Monday and Wednesday: 4:15 – 5:00pm
Adult/Family Taekwondo – ages 5 to Adult – Monday thru Thursday: 5:00 – 6:00pm
Adult/Family Taekwondo – ages 5 to Adult – Monday thru Thursday: 6:15 – 7:15pm
(Students should always arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of class)

Class Attendance:
We believe class attendance is an important element for learning and advancement in each program. “The benefit you receive is based on the effort you put into your training” This includes class attendance as well as personal training time. Attendance is recorded at the beginning of each class. Students are provided a student number and are required to sign in before beginning class.

We ask that all students arrive at least 10 to 15 min. before your scheduled class time to allow for adequate pre-warm up. This will also give those students time to ask any instructor questions they may have. We require students to demonstrate respect towards others by not distrupting class by late attendance. If students are more than 5 minutes late without advanced permission, they will be asked to not participate and attend another scheduled class.

Parents / Spectators:
Parents and Spectators are welcome to observe class as long as they are not a distraction to class activities. Instructors work diligently to train in a non-distractive environment to ensure an adequate, consistent, and safe training environment.

Specific guidelines are required for parents and spectators as listed below:

  • Spectators must not interact with their children during class. Class instructors are the only individuals in charge of students. Interrupting or interacting with a student during class would be disrespectful to the instructor and distracting to all of the students. Please refrain from all interaction unless asked by the instructor to do so such as helping with equipment.
  • Spectators and Students shall silence cell phones. If a call must be taken, you are asked to respect others and step outside of the training facility.
    • Students are expected to be picked up promptly following class.
  • Spectators should pay attention to what their children are learning in class and reinforce their positive behavior at home. Parents are an important part of the Academy’s Team and are a great influence to their children by working to improve their child’s training outside of class. Parents are encouraged to set goals with their child to help develop perseverance and self discipline in order to achieve personal success.
  • Parents that have a concern about their child’s training, progress, or about the school should discuss matters directly with the class instructor and not with other students. This enforces a positive environment and maintains respect towards the Academy’s staff.
  • Spectators are asked to be encouraging to all students in the school during class, promotion, tournaments and demonstrations. Through your example, students will also learn to encourage and support each other. Respect shall be demonstrated during all organizational functions, including judges and other tournament officials. Showing respect and courtesy teaches students good sportsmanship and character.

Uniforms are not required for participating in class, however, uniforms are required for future advancement within the program. Uniforms may be purchased directly at Bruce Taekwondo Academy.

Rank Testing:
As students progress, they will be eligible for promotional testing. Our promotional tests occur every 2 months (8 weeks); this allows the student to have adequate time to prepare for each level. A pre-test is conducted 2-3 weeks prior to the scheduled test date to determine eligibility. After passing this pre-test, each student will receive a test application. Test fees are based on program and advancement level.

Bruce Taekwondo Academy’s primary focus is on the teaching of martial arts. Throughout the year, Tournaments are scheduled and students may compete on a voluntary basis. Students are not obligated to participate in Tournaments. However, students are encouraged to compete and we understand that this form of competition is not for everyone. Students benefit by participating in Tournaments as a tool to supplement their skills with real-life application. Most tournaments offer both forms and sparring, and depending upon the tournament, weapons will be offered. BTKDA is known for their focus and expertise in forms. Although sparring is taught within the program, it is not our main focus. Weapons are taught primarily through private lessons.

The focus for our competitors is on improvement and self-discovery. From these experiences, students learn what it means to be part of a team, how to overcome fears and obstacles, and how to handle unexpected situations with grace and dignity.

Bruce Taekwondo Academy teaches Olympic Taekwondo Sparring. We are a WTF school and a member of USAT (formerly USTU).

School Closings Due to Weather:
If the weather is poor, we will notify all students by an email message or SMS text through our Kicksite program You may also call 929-0589. Please use good judgment if you feel transportation to class is unsafe.

Have more Questions?

If you need more information or have more questions you can contact Master David Bruce (319)929-0589

Bruce Taekwondo Academy, LLC.