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Self-Defense for Girl Scout Troop

On Saturday November 17th we opened our doors to a Girl Scout Troop and taught them the basics of being aware of their surroundings and being able to protect themselves from harm. The seminar was led by our very own Grand Master David Bruce. We were very proud to be a part of educating these girls on the power of self awareness and basic techniques! Do you have a group that would benefit from one

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BTKDA Women’s Self Defense 10/20/18

  BTKDA hosted a Women’s Self Defense class on October 20th, 2018. We had another great group of ladies come in and learn the basics of awareness and protecting yourself from harm! Grand Master David Bruce is passionate about helping women be empowered and educated on how not to become a victim of violence! Don’t worry if you missed any of our recent classes, we will have more scheduled in 2019!

BTKDA Taeguk Il Jang Form Contest

Welcome to BTKDA’s Taeguk Il Jang Form Contest! Please view the videos below for each student and vote in the comments on our Bruce Taekwondo Academy LLC page. Student 1A Student 2A Student 3A Student 1B Student 2B Student 3B Student 1C Student 2C Student 3C Student 1D Student 2D Student 3D Student 1E Student 2E Student 3E Student 1F Student 2F Student 3F Student 1G Student 2G

WSD Testimonials

“Everything was great! Thank you for coming here and helping us heal.” “Great instructors, they taught me ways to improve techniques to get away from my attacker.” “I loved it! Feel like I can go running again! Thank you!” “Love it! Very helpful, thank you!” “Welcoming environment and safe.” “I feel better prepared to defend myself.” “A lot of good information.” “Great instructors that taught the techniques and gave input that helped.” “Very informational and

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BTKDA Women’s Self Defense 9/1/2018

Bruce Taekwondo Academy opened our doors today to teach women and girls of the community self-defense techniques. It was a real honor and we are humbled to be able to provide a potentially life saving service like this. The class was led by our very own Grand Master Bruce. He provided part lecture and part hands on instruction to learn proven tactics that help women avoid and get out of problem situations. Everyone did fantastic!

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BTKDA Back to School Bash and Open House 2018

Today Bruce Taekwondo Academy hosted its first ever Open House and Back to School Bash. We opened our school up to the community to show them what we do here. We had games, face painting, and giveaways. The highlight of the day was our student TKD Demonstrations! They were impressive and inspiring!! Grand Master Bruce said this about our Open House…”Such a HUGE success at our open house today!!! I’m so very proud and overwhelmed

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BTKDA Tenant Award

Bruce Taekwondo Academy is excited to introduce a new student award, “The Bruce TaeKwonDo Tenant Award.” And the first recipient will be Nathan Bryant. At Bruce TaeKwonDo Academy the tenants of TaeKwonDo are an incredibly important part of our curriculum. Not only do we teach and model these tenants in our classes, we expect our students to apply these tenants in their daily lives. While the tenants can be applied to nearly every daily interaction,

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Iowa Games – Summer 2018

On July 22nd, 2018 Bruce Taekwondo Academy had a few families travel to Ames, IA to compete at the Iowa Games! We are very proud of our athletes for their dedication to Taekwondo and their consistent and positive representation of Bruce Taekwondo Academy. Special thanks to Master Lucas Wieser and Master Alex Rinderknect for their leadership and commitment to our school and students! Tournament Stats: Jeff 1st in Forms, 2nd in Sparring Kadija 2nd in

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Walker’s Tournament of Champions 2018

On June 30th, 2018 Bruce Taekwondo Academy had a few families travel to Bloomington, IL to compete at the Walker’s Tournament of Champions! We are very proud of our competitors! As usual they represented BTKDA and Iowa with professionalism and good sportsmanship. Special thanks to Master Ally Edwards for her leadership and commitment!! Tournament Stats: Kadija 1st in Forms, 3rd in Breaking Parker 1st in Forms, 1st in Breaking, 1st in Sparring Wow!! Bella 2nd

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Color Belt Promotions – December 2nd 2017

BTKDA had a great morning of color belt testing today. We are very proud of all of our students that practiced hard and earned their next rank in Taekwondo! Congratulations to our BTKDA testers!!  

Midwest TKD Championships

Over the past weekend we had 16 athletes and their families travel to Decatur, IL to compete in the Midwest TKD Championships. As our fearless leader Grand Master Bruce said “My students displayed what the world needs more of; kindness to each other, love for one another, respect towards all, acceptance of ALL, celebrations of victory, and empathy towards ones defeat and struggles. These mannerisms were not only displayed between their team mates but other

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Rules of Etiquette

We believe that discipline is a freedom. It should be understood by members that the purpose of these rules is primarily to ensure maximum benefit from the study of Taekwondo. The basic principles found in these rules have been a part of Taekwondo from its inception. 1. Bow to the flags and your instructor when entering and leaving the school. This is to show courtesy and respect. 2. Do not enter or leave class without permission

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Red High Belt (1st Gup)

The Last Stage before Black Belt which in essence means to be Prepared for a whole New Beginning   ALL Taegeuk Forms Taegeuk Il Jang Taegeuk Yi Jang Taegeuk Sam Jang Taegeuk Sa Jang Taegeuk Oh Jang Taegeuk Yook Jang Taegeuk Chil Jang Taegeuk Pal Jang Belt Color Definition: Signifies the heat of the sun which helps the plant grow. Knowledge of Taekwondo is what will allow students to progress to this rank. Students are

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Red Belt (2nd Gup)

Taegeuk Pal Jang Gon Earth – The Earth is that from which all life springs, matures, and dies. Things take life from gon; they grow from it, drawing limitless energy from it. Gon is defined as being completely receptive. Its metaphysics is pure yang. The earth is where the creative force of heaven and light (keon) is realized into physical form. The earth is always wordless; it hugs and grows everything. Belt Color Definition: Signifies

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