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Taekwondo Program / Women’s Self Defense

Taekwondo Program

About Taekwondo:
Taekwondo is one of the most systematic and scientific Korean traditional martial arts, that teaches more than physical fighting skills. It is a discipline that shows ways of enhancing our life through training our body and mind. Today, it has become a martial art that has gained an international reputation, and stands among the official games in the Olympics.

The words “Tae” “Kwon” “Do” is composed of three parts.

“Tae” means “foot”

“Kwon” means “hand”

“Do” means the “way” or “art”

Taekwondo literally means “The Art or Way of the Hand and Foot”
Taekwondo is a Korean Martial Art. It is a form of mental as well as physical training. Taekwondo incorporates many facets such as self defense, flexibility, discipline, fitness and confidence building. Thus, it is not a grappling art or one that emphasizes weapons. It aims to condition the entire body by developing physical and mental strength and agility. It is the world’s most popular martial art in terms of number of practitioners.

There are a lot of rewards and benefits that come from practicing Tae Kwon Do, both mentally and physically.

  • Improved physical fitness, stamina, and shape
  • Improved balance, flexibility and coordination
  • Practice realistic “street-smart” self-defense
  • Improved self confidence and mental control
  • Learn discipline and respect for others

What you get out of practice is very individual and personal. You may develop your own sense of passion for the art.

Children in Taekwondo:
Children greatly benefit from participating in our Taekwondo program by learning how to direct their physical and mental energy in a positive way. Bruce Taekwondo Academy instills strict discipline and respect as the basis for training. We view Taekwondo as a way to improve one’ s body, mind and character, and not just a form of physical competition. We recommend the program for children age 5 and up.

Children learn the Five Tenets of Taekwondo:
Courtesy – Integrity – Perseverance – Self Control – Indomitable Spirit
The tenets are discussed in class frequently and as children rise through the belt ranks, you see them come to truly understand each tenet and incorporate it into their lives.

Bruce Taekwondo Academy’s program goals

  • Recognize that each student is an individual and provide individual attention to each student.
  • Set standards and benchmarks that are hard, but not impossible, to reach
  • Maintain proper student behavior in class, explaining and encouraging self discipline.
  • Insist that students never use the skills they learn outside of class, unless used for Self-Defense only
  • Make sure all our students practice in a safe environment at our school
  • Recognize and reward students for true achievement.
  • Always communicate with parents as much as possible.

Taekwondo offers several benefits to students who practice it, including:

The discipline you impose on yourself in order to meet a goal is more enduring than any discipline dictate by someone else. Progress in our system is based on meeting ever more challenging objectives, and it requires increasing self-discipline with each new level. Thus, the student is motivated to be diligent and persistent. As students rise in rank, they are expected to become role models for new students–and the examples they set form the basis for further advancement.

When students finally master difficult Taekwondo skills or pass an arduous test to promote to the next belt level, they gain a sense of real achievement. That builds confidence in themselves. Together with self-discipline, this enhanced self-esteem helps keep kids on the right track. They are less likely to act out violently or be bullies by peer pressure.

Children today are vulnerable to all sorts of predators. In Taekwondo, they learn techniques that can effectively ward off an attack by someone larger. More importantly, they learn to keep their wits and practice basic self-preservation. As their senses become more acute from Taekwondo training, they are able to spot potential dangers more readily.

A number of kids do not get much exercise other than maneuvering the game console buttons. An hour of Taekwondo a day will improve their strength, flexibility, coordination and endurance. Although there is competition in Taekwondo, the sports aspect is not our main focus. There is no pressure to win or “make the team”. Even kids who have never done anything athletic in their lives can excel at Taekwondo if they keep trying. More natural athletes, too, build skills such as hand-eye coordination that carry over into other sports.

Class Structure:
Students advance in belt levels as their training progresses. There are various requirements for each belt level within our program. The Colored Belt Levels are defined as “Gups” beginning with White – 10th Gup.
Students will be promoted to the next Gup Level when these requirements are properly demonstrated during scheduled Testing events.

Belt Ranking:
White Belt 11th Gup
Yellow Belt 10th Gup
Yellow High Belt 9th Gup
Green Belt 8th Gup
Green High Belt 7th Gup
Blue Belt 6th Gup
Blue High Belt 5th Gup
Brown Belt 4th Gup
Brown High Belt 3rd Gup
Red Belt 2nd Gup
Red High Belt 1st Gup
Recommended Black Belt 0 Gup
Black Belt 1st Dan (degree)

Class attendance and performance within each level is a major factor in determining the approval for testing. Remember: “Give it 110%”


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Women’s Self-Defense Program

Ages 11 and Up

The focus of our Women’s Self-Defense Program is to teach women how to minimize the chance of assault, date rape and unwanted touching by utilizing powers of observation and awareness. Participants will have hands-on instruction in basic self-defense which is practiced in a safe and controlled environment.

This program is designed to address the issues relating to personal safety, crime prevention, street proofing and awareness. By teaching people to deal with verbal and physical assaults, it increases their self-confidence.

Avoidance of danger is your first moral responsibility. But when you find yourself in a dangerous situation you could not avoid, defending yourself is absolutely the most moral and ethical course of action. It is also the most effective! Learn to rely on yourself to get out of a dangerous and difficult situation.

Bruce Taekwondo Academy has experienced and certified instructors both at the Basic Level thru Advanced Levels. Learn how to defend yourself in an environment that is conducive to learning tested instructional techniques, proven tactics and unique insights about the problem of violence against women.
Please take a moment to read the following information about our Women’s Self-Defense System
Ultimately, the more aware you are, the more you will prevent an attack.
Do you have the necessary knowledge and skill set to protect yourself against these crimes?
Do you know what to do if confronted by an attacker?
Do you have a game plan to deal with violent crime?

Bruce Taekwondo Academy’s Women’s Self-Defense System will train and educate you in:
• Awareness
• Prevention
• Risk Reduction
• Risk Avoidance
• Self-Realization of your own Physical Power

These tools greatly increase your personal protection options to combat crime. The paradox of self-defense is that the more prepared you are, the less likely you are to need it. When you can recognize and respond effectively to potentially dangerous situations, you are more confident in your every day activities. You are also less likely to become a target of crime.

Our Women’s Self-Defense System will assist women in three ways to combat crime:

1. Educating the Mind
2. Training the Body
3. Empowering the Spirit

Cost for our Women’s Self-Defense Program:
The Women’s Self-Defense Program at Bruce Taekwondo Academy is divided into three different Class Levels.

Once you have participated in the Basic Level class, you may participate in any future Basic Level classes as a “refresher course” for FREE as many times as you wish. The same applies to the Intermediate and Advanced Level classes. We understand that when you don’t practice a skill on a regular basis, you may forget how to effectively use it. For this reason, we would like to encourage all of our participants to come back and refresh themselves on the techniques they have learned in our classes by participating again as often as they choose.

Women’s Self-Defense Program – Basic Level:

Our Basic Level Class focuses on training participants to use their powers of observation to highten their sense of awareness, a skill essential to avoiding dangerous situations before they occur. Not becoming a target of attack is our primary goal. However, when the need to defend oneself does arise, we want our participants skilled in effective hands-on techniques that work against a would-be attacker, no matter what size he/she is. In this class we teach students how to use their own strengths against the attacker’s weaknesses.

Women’s Self-Defense Program – Intermediate Level:

In the Intermediate Level portion of our self-defense program, we take the skills that have been taught and practiced in the basic class, and increase the complexity and intensity in the use of those skills. We teach more advanced hand and foot strikes, additional target areas for those strikes, as well as take-downs, falls, and defense against a weapon. Participants are required to have taken the Basic Level class before moving on to the Intermediate Level class.

Women’s Self-Defense Program – Advanced Level:

The Advanced Level and final portion of our Women’s Self-Defense program is open to anyone who has participated in the Basic and Intermediate Level classes. In the advanced defense class we incorporate all of the skills taught in the basic and intermediate level classes with the focus on utilizing those skills to learn effective ground defense techniques, defense against the gun, knife, and club, as well as defense against multiple attackers.

Statistically speaking, you have approximately 8 seconds from the onset of a physical attack to escape before it ends up on the ground. Once the fight has gone to the ground your chances of escape decrease with every second the attack continues. Learning a few effective ground defense techniques could prove to be very beneficial, giving you a fighting chance of surviving.

Just because an attacker has a weapon doesn’t mean the fight is over. There are many defense techniques that can be applied to defend yourself against a weapon attack. We will be learning additional techniques, as well as how to disarm the attacker from his weapon.

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